This ‘Brojans’ Lacrosse Pinnie Is The Only Thing You’re Wearing For The Rest Of The Summer, Bro (49% Off!!)

by 4 years ago

Tribe Head Lacrosse

BROS! Wait, can I call you dudes ‘bros’ if you don’t already own this glorious ‘Brojans’ lacrosse pinnie? I’m serious here, can a bro be a ‘bro’ without being a brojan? And what pills were slipped into my drink at lunch that’s causing me to ramble about bros and brojans like a mad man? Well, bros, I’m here to tell you that if you act now and scoop up this ‘Brojans’ lax pinnie today you can get it at 49% off for the low low price of just $15, which is a friggin’ STEAL.

Gone are the days of Summer when you’re stressing over what to wear to the beach or on the boat, from now on you can just toss on your Brojans lax pinnie and forgettaboutit. Seriously, what’s making me spew all this gibberish this afternoon? Is it because I just happened across the greatest lax pinnie the world has ever seen? I kind of think it might be. This pinnie’s so fly it’s making me spit verbal diarrhea. That’s how glorious this Brojans pinnie is. So STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING and BUY IT NOW!

Brojans Lacrosse Pinnie


Tribe Head Lacrosse

Buy Here!

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