Bru-Bag Combines Two Classic Drinking Games Into One Insane Lawn Event

Take the gameplay of Cornhole and the rules of Beer Pong for the best outside drinking game since “chug until you vomit.”

It’s the Bru-Bag!

The brainchild of two U.S. Vets (Coast Guard & Army) who played Cornhole competitively, the idea came when Cornhole got incredibly boring. “Why don’t we merge the game we once loved in our early 20’s (beer pong) with our favorite back yard classic Cornhole?” they wondered. Well they could and they did. Thus, Bru-Bag was born.

Bru-Bag takes the best elements of two already popular games and merges them to create a perfect union that stands leagues above all other yard games. Its sleek design and variety of play-styles are guaranteed to keep you & your guest entertained long after the party has ended. So whether you choose to bring it to the beach, park, or tailgating, you’re always sure to draw a crowd & a good time whenever you set up.

brubag main


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