Budget Bro Gear – 2

​Two in two days! TWO!!! That’s a big workload… okay not really, at least it’s not as big as that 20 page final you cranked out 18 on, turned in, and started Christmas right.

I’ll say it now, this definitely won’t be happening on a daily basis… maybe once or twice a week after I do this the first few times. One, I’d run out of shit to show. Two, once I get back to school myself time will be something I won’t have. Partying ya know?

So, here’s three products you need, want, and can use.


1.SwissGear Backpack – $45.40 via Amazon

– This sweet fucking backpack has been around for awhile, so I guess you can say it’s time-tested. Also, if you were one of those guys that didn’t want to skimp on a laptop and decided to go for the 17-inch goliath with all the bells and whistles; you know that if your campus is hilly, that bitch is either staying in your dorm/house or you’re going to be bitching to yourself the whole way. At least I do… Anyway, this backpack is made by the guys who made the swiss army knife… that little tool that can do everything so you know this is going to be well made… right? Regardless, it’s got a lot of room for your junk and can help making the haul with that laptop way easier.

2.Stick-On LED For Keys -$9.50 via Amazon

– You live in one of the shittiest houses on campus. The neighborhood is dark and it’s shady as hell, even during the day you worry about your car getting broken into. It’s so shitty that there aren’t even streetlights and let’s face it you’re in college so a porch light is something you’ve either never heard of or you’re saving on your electric bill. Yes, this seems almost useless, except you are also drunk and you can’t even find the handle. Your life sucks. What’s even shittier is that you have brought back your dream girl for your one and only chance to close the deal, it’s now or never. Not only is it dark, but you are also really fucking handicapped, and nervous because it’s THE DREAMGIRL. This little light can help you find your lock way easier and hopefully this situation happens for you and you close that deal.

3.Coffee Cup Power Converter – $20.99 via ThinkGeek

– You drove home for break because roadtrips can be a good time. They are better with friends. They get much shittier when it’s at least an 8 hour drive home and 8 hours to school and you have to let friends catch a ride for 7 of those, it’s mainly shitty because they want to snag your car charger for their phone when it’s your damn car. My brother actually has one of these and when my family went out on a roadtrip it was crucial. You can even hook up your laptop charger in this thing so if you are taking that awkward kid home to be a nice guy, you can help avoid an awkward conversation because they can be completely engaged in their activity. Also, if you have one of those cars that acts as a wifi hotspot… porn, lots of porn.

There’s 3 more satisfying products. Useful as hell in the right situations.