BURST Oral Probiotics – This New Probiotic Can Strengthen Your Everyday Oral Care Routine

Presented in partnership with BURST ORAL CARE

When you hear the word “probiotic”, you probably don’t think about your mouth.

You think about your gut and how food products like yogurt and kombucha help promote good gut health and overall wellness.

But did you know all those live microorganisms — the so-called “good bacteria” — can help strengthen your daily oral care routine as well?

A couple weeks ago, I got my hands on the brand new Burst Oral Probiotic. — a clinical-grade oral probiotic tested by dental professionals that uses the “good bacteria” to help treat your mouth right. It helps keep your mouth in tip top shape so you can tackle gum issues and stop tooth decay.

Plus, strong gums and teeth are key to a great smile. And a great smile is what offers the right first impression and closes the deal.


What is Burst Oral Probiotics?

This clinical-grade probiotic has 6 Billion CFU at the time of manufacture, which is a pretty hefty amount of good bacteria. Burst says it’s one of the highest concentrations available on the market.

The Burst Oral Probiotic helps give your mouth an extra boost to reduce bacteria involved with bad breath, supports healthy gums and teeth, helps resist cavities, and it prevents plaque buildup.

Here’s how it becomes a part of your everyday oral health routine:

For starters, this particular probiotic comes as a lozenge.

Burst suggests chewing the lozenge 1-2 times a day ideally after brushing your teeth. You can take it once a day right after brushing your teeth for the night, which is exactly what I did. It also says to not eat or drink for at least 30 minutes after taking — easy enough. Probably shouldn’t be doing that anyway!

The taste isn’t super strong and somewhat reminds me of an after-dinner mint. You know the ones — the mints they have in a circular bowl by the hostess table in restaurants. It’s more convenient than probiotics that ask you to swallow a huge pill too since it is really easy to chew.

And it leaves a fresh, minty taste in your mouth.

Here’s what it does:

BLIS K12 and BLIS M18 are the pinnacle of oral care probiotics and are the two most clinically researched strains – both of which are included in the new Burst Oral Probiotics. Not to mention, the probiotic is environmentally friendly and made out of 100% natural ingredients.

BLIS M18 prevents plaque buildup and resists cavities, while BLIS K12 fights bad breath and strengthens your immune system. These two powerful strings of probiotics are key to keeping your smile looking right.

Also, bleeding gums is just about the most annoying thing ever while brushing your teeth or flossing. So Burst included Lactobillus reuteri in their probiotic to improve gingivitis – in up to 14 days.

Those are some serious results!

With the Burst Probiotic, you can say goodbye to bleeding gums and stubborn cavities. Happy health starts with the mouth and BURST levels up your oral health care game.


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