Cam Newton Got Hooked Up With Some Sick Ass ‘Steph Curry 2s’ For Super Bowl 50

Not only are Cam Newton and Steph Curry buddies, but they’re also, arguably, the most dominant forces in their respective sports, with both being freaks of nature who can take over a game on their own.

And with Curry being a big-time Carolina Panthers fan from his days growing up in the city, and Cam being the quarterback leading the team to Super Bowl 50, as well as both having huge sponsorship deals with Under Armour, Newton getting some sort of custom kick was just bound to happen.

That it did, bros, as Darren Rovell tweeted a picture out of the pair of ‘Steph Curry 2s’ that Cam was given as a gift—and, no joke, they’re pretty dope.

The kicks feature Panthers logos on each side, with a unique honeycomb pattern that, presumably, pays tribute to the Charlotte Hornets. But the raddest part has to be the special Superman section, which exists inside the tongue, as a Superman logo is unveiled after unzipping.


In addition to Cam’s dabbing, his Superman celebration is one of his most famous, so these shoes are on fire with how much the animated star is with his game.

[H/T Bleacher Report]