Carbon Fiber Wallet From Common Fibers Is One Of The Most Stylish RFID-Blocking Wallets Around (24% Off Sale)

We’re living in an era during which RFID-technology is just hitting mainstream, but it’s something EVERY bro alive should consider when making a wallet/money clip purchase. Essentially, RFID-blocking technology is what’s going to keep that little chip on your debit or credit card from getting scanned by a criminal. There are already a ton of RFID-blocking wallets on the market but few are as stylish as this carbon fiber slim wallet from Common Fibers, so let’s check it out (it also comes in red and blue colors which you can see by clicking the link below):

MAX RFID-Blocking Carbon Fiber Wallet ($74, 24% Off Retail Price)

When you think of carbon fiber, you probably think of fighter jets, spacecraft, and race cars–but how about wallets? Better add that to the list because this wallet is made entirely of carbon fiber. Light, strong, and sleek with a sophisticated look and durable feel, the Max will fold to less than half the size of the standard billfold while out-performing it everywhere else.

— Built-in RFID-blocking protects you from credit card fraud
— Features 6 credit card slots, 2 hidden compartments, & a billfold
— Made from Aerospace Grade Carbon Fiber
— Ultra-thin construction for easy carry in any pocket

Purchase Today: $74.99 (24% Off)

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