Cards Against Humanity Launches Campaign To ‘Save America’

Cards Against Humanity Saves America


It’s that time of year again, the time when the cream rises to the top. I’m getting no less than 75 holiday-related emails every day right now and most of them slip through the cracks because they’re not worth reading. Cards Against Humanity sent me an email yesterday afternoon titled ‘Lord help us, we’re back on our bullshit’. Of course I’m going to read that.

The text of the email read:

My fellow Americans,
Two years ago, we told you that we were never doing another complicated holiday stunt again. But after accidentally seeing CNN on a TV at the airport, we realized our country needed us.
It’s time to suit up for one last mission. Cards Against Humanity is going to save America.

It included this video along with a request for anyone who wants to participate to send Cards Against Humanity $15 and a promise that they’d receive six America-saving surprises in the mail.

With this money, Cards Against Humanity claims that they’re going to save the American people, stop Trump’s border wall, and solve the issue of fake news by purchasing acres of land on the border to block Trump’s border wall from ever being built. They claim they’ve retained a law firm to fight the border wall from ever being built. Is this really saving America? How the fuck should I know?!

What’s amazing is that just like in years past, people have sent Cards Against Humanity money so fast the campaign has already reached capacity. Even if you wanted to send them $15 for the plot of land to stop the border wall you can’t because they’re already at capacity. But, if they open up more slots and you want to get in on the action and receive six America-saving surprises in the mail you can click here to visit ‘CardsAgainstHumanitySavesAmerica’.

Hey, if a former Reality TV star can be elected President of the United States of America then surely a card game company like Cards Against Humanity can be capable of saving America. Anything’s possible, right?

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