College Student Invents ‘Mobile Airbag’ Case That Protects Your Phone Screen From Cracking

mobile airbag case


One drunken night out. One clumsy mishandle. One inadvertent nudge. BOOM! You drop your phone and the screen cracks. If you’ve got a top-of-the-line phone, the repair costs can be as much as hundreds of dollars. One college student has created a protective case that could prevent cracked screens and save you a ton of money as well.

Philip Frenzel, an engineering student at Aalen University in Germany, has invented the ADcase (the “AD” standing for “active damping”), which could revolutionize the smartphone industry. This specialized phone case acts as a “mobile airbag” and once the phone is dropped the case deploys four spider-like metal legs to brace the impact and save the screen. The case offers 360-degree protection and the legs tuck neatly into the case for a slim and compact design.

Frenzel’s impressive invention has already won the 2018 award from the German Society for Mechatronics. Frenzel has recieved patents for his unique case and the ADcase will be hitting Kickstarter very shortly.

A recent study found that millennials were turned off by people who had cracked smartphone screens. So not only might this phone case prevent hundreds of dollars of repairs, but it may also help you find that special someone.


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