Want To Build Your Own Custom Wayfarer Sunglasses For Less Than $30? Well, Now You Can.

All month long, we have teamed up with our Bros at Society43 to give you, our readers, 10% off your entire purchase at Society43 when you use the code “BROBIBLE” at checkout. Whether you want something from their collegiate collection, their NBA collection, or you want to design your custom shades you can get 10% off your entire order. Plus free shipping, because this here is America.

Even if you are not a creative genius, Society43 can help you. They have a “Randomize” button in their Custom’s shop that will spit out all different color combos of custom wayfarer sunglasses for you. Just keep clicking it until you find something you jive with. Here are a few combos my abuse of the Randomize button shot out.

Head on over to Society43 for your pair of custom wayfarer sunglasses and don’t forget to enter “BROBIBLE” at checkout to save 10% off your entire order.