Dad’s Review Steph Curry’s New Sneaker And They Love The ‘Chef Curry’ Shoe More Than We Ever Expected

When Under Armour debuted the ‘Curry Two’ sneakers they began by leaking photos of the ‘Chef Curry’, a shoe that looks like the mandatory footwear of suburban dads all across America. I’m shocked it took this long for a media outlet to take the Chef Curry sneaker out to the streets to see how dads feel about them but I’m glad GQ finally got around to it, because the world deserved to know once and for all how dads truly feel about these vanilla sneaks.

Whilst doing my due diligence for this article I spent some time over on the Under Armour Curry Two website and I was legitimately SHOCKED to discover that the ‘Chef Curry’ sneaker is completely sold out. Furthermore, I was a little taken aback to see that some of the Curry Two sneakers are fly as hell, shoes I’d definitely wear. You can check them all out HERE.

(h/t DIGG)