Daily Deals: $550 70-Inch TV, Power Tools, Chef Knives, RAEN Sunglasses, Golf Shoe Sales And More!

Presented in partnership Christopher Cloos, Woodies Clothing, and Presented by Mizzen+Main….

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Jump on these savings on $550 70-inch TVs, power tools, chef knives, RAEN sunglasses, golf shoes sale and more in today’s daily deals.


We all know about that whole Midtown outfit look, guys, where bros class themselves up a little bit by slipping on a vest over their shirt, tie and dress pants to make themselves a little more professional. While the look has been popular for, well, as long as many of us can remember, there’s a new kid on the block who has a performance vest that’s better than any other out there.

It’s time to introduce yourselves to the Mizzen+Main performance vest, which protects you with its wind-resistance, but also feels light and comfortable thanks to the quilting design that absorbs your body heat in cool temperatures. Point blank: It’ll help upgrade your Midtown outfit this fall and winter.



Woodies Clothing is a sustainable denim company that puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to getting the most comfortable pair of jeans you’ll ever wear.

Currently available in four color options — Raw Indigo, Washed Indigo, Faded Blue and Vintage Blue — Woodies Clothing jeans make sure you’ve got a variety to choose from that best fit your taste and style. And because the brand cares about the environment and quality, you’ll be getting jeans made from premium organic cotton, with hardware that’s premium sourced, meaning you’ll look great wearing these things for a long, long time.

Because Woodies uses a perfect blend of 98% organic cotton and 2% elastane in their jeans, the denim will hold up no matter how many times you decide to wear them over and over and over again.



Born from a vacation when the founders met a man named Christopher Cloos while traveling around the south of France, each pair of Christopher Cloos offers polarized lenses, perfect weight and durability, meaning they can withstand any adventure you’re planning to go on. And it means it’s time to trash those dopey, flimsy, plastic shades you’ve had for the past couple of summers, because your style has matured.

Use the promo code BB20 for 20% off your Christopher Cloos order!



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ONLY $24 for Topo Designs Grid Tee – Long Sleeve

$31 OFF Billy Reid Pensacola Polo

$68 OFF Billy Reid Mini Waffle Henley

$66 OFF Billy Reid SS Marine Plaid Shirt

$83 OFF Ping-Pong 7′ Instant Play Pop-Up Compact Table Tennis Table

$83 OFF Ozark Trail 4 Person A-Frame Tent with Awning

ONLY $550 for ELEMENT 70″ Series 4K (2160P) UHD ROKU Smart LED TV

$219 OFF Billy Reid Michael Shirt Jacket

$98 OFF Billy Reid Tuscumbia Linen Shirt

$98 OFF Billy Reid SS Sunrise Murphy



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Up to 50% Off Select Golf Shoes from Nike and adidas

20% OFF Sunglasses from Oakley, RAEN, Julbo and More from Backcountry

Save on Dalstrong Knives


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