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Daily Deals for 10/26


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Special Offer

Bossman Beards Bar Soap


Every guy knows it’s important to tame the mane of hair that often forms on our faces, but we all get into a habit of ignoring the advice and doing our own thing. In order to help you do it the right way, Bossman Beards is here with the goods. It’s important to keep yourself protected by using these products with all-natural ingredients. Plus, you can save 10% off by using the code ‘BOSSBRO’ at checkout.

Bossman Beards’ 4-in-1 bar soap is your one-stop-shop for all things clean, and helps exfoliate, nourish and clean your face despite all those whiskers. Rather than foam and dry out your skin, this bar soap’s all-natural oils leave your face hydrated, clean and moisturized, so your skin won’t feel tight as you start your day.

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Another Special Offer

Monthly Knife Club


The fall is the ideal time for guys to explore the great outdoors. But to survive the elements that Mother Nature throws your way, you’ll need the tools to conquer any of the unexpected — which is why Monthly Knife Club offers the top tactical gear at the fraction of the cost of other places.

A subscription service that delivers top equipment for those looking to upgrade their everyday carry items, Monthly Knife Club has a boatload of gear ready to ship to you with an easy click. Plus, for a limited time, be using the code BRO1010, you get an additional 10% off your order, meaning more bang for your buck on the things you want most.

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One More Special Offer



There’s absolutely no way anyone who regularly uses toilet paper feels good about the cleanliness of their ass after doing business in the bathroom. Really? A thin piece of paper sure isn’t going to properly wipe away all that crap. So stop the fight at grocery stores for pointless toilet paper and get to the next level with a bidet from Omigo.

Omigo is making better booty cleaning affordable for the Average Joe, meaning you’ll have a cleaner, more comfortable, and safer result once you’re done doing your business. You deserve to be clean and comfortable after spending time on the toilet, and getting a bidet from Omigo is the way to experience that feeling once and for all. Plus, you can save 15% off when using a special BroBible code.

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Final Special Offer


With the autumn officially here, it’s time for every guy to upgrade his fall fashion. There’s no better way than scooping some Texas Standard Clothing to do just that. Known for their damn fine clothing, Texas Standard Clothing has a style unique to Texas, and is made with exceptional materials and craftsmanship that results in high-quality gear that’s built to last. With tons of styles to choose from, there’s no doubt you’ll wear these clothes with pride — whether you’re a true Texan or not.

While we can’t guarantee you’ll be looked at as a legit cowboy, when wearing Texas Standard Clothing, you’ll at least have the heart of the Lone Star State on you — so that’s the next best thing, isn’t it?

Plus, Texas Standard Clothing gives back, too, honoring the communities in their state with the Texas Standard Foundation, called Ten to Texas, which gives 10% of all profits from clothing sales Texas-focused charities across the state. So, yeah, it’s a brand that’s dedicated to a higher calling, meaning you can feel good while looking good in their clothes.



Deals of the Day


$20 OFF Garmin Dash Cam

$60 OFF Victor High Rise Height Adjustable Compact Standing Desk with Keyboard Tray

$500 OFF Apple MacBook Pro 13″ Display with Touch Bar

Apple MacBook Pro 13" Display with Touch Bar

$6 OFF Streamlight 250 Lumen Microstream USB Rechargeable Flashlight

$90 OFF Samsung Galaxy Watch (42mm, GPS, Bluetooth)


Sales of the Day


Up to 60% OFF Cole Haan Great Fall Sale

Up to 30% OFF adidas Sale – use code: OCTSALE

Up to 40% OFF Nike Sale Styles


Nike Sale


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