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Erectile dysfunction (ED) might not be something that most guys tend to think about; mainly because it’s not something anyone wants to admit is happening to them. It’s time to change that narrative, because ED affects an alarming amount of men, with 25 percent of new ED cases being guys under the age of 40, and a whopping 40 percent of men struggling with erectile dysfunction by the time they’re 40 years old, meaning those men won’t be able to get and/or maintain an erection.

Here’s the thing, though, you aren’t at the mercy of your penis telling you when it’s allowed to get hard, because you can decide when you get an erection — and hims is here to help you overcome the problem, offering a prescription solution that’s clinically proven to combat erectile dysfunction. Best part? It only costs $5 for the first month.



Deejo Knives are a perfect addition to every guy's daily travel game

When it comes to pocket knives, there are the obvious things you probably look for first: weight, functionality, durability and, of course, design. Thankfully, Deejo Knives has got you covered on all four of those, because the pocket knife brand has some of the most unique knives on the market, with three exclusive weight options available — 15 grams, 27 grams and 37 grams. The weight of each knife is determined by the materials and design of each knife, but since you can either choose an option from one of Deejo’s amazing heirloom-quality designs, or you can design your own, you’re in control of how you want the pocket knife to look and feel.



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While getting yourself a 23andMe Health + Ancestry Kit is awesome for you to find out more about your heritage, it’s even better using the kit with someone else — and why not make that other person your dad, discovering more about yourselves together on Father’s Day?

To help make the decision easier, you can get a 23andMe Health + Ancestry Kit for $50 off through June 17th. Repeat: For $30 less than you normally would spend on a kit, your Father’s Day gift can be something meaningful AF, while being fun AF, too, as you and your pops find out more about what makes both of you so unique.



When you go to the barber you get a hot towel shave because it helps soften hairs and opens your pores to make it easier for hairs to be shaved, plus allows any underlying dirt from your skin to be removed. GilletteLabs took this old school science and brought you a hot shave without having to go to your local barber. Introducing the Heated Razor by GilletteLabs, the razor that gives you a hot towel shave with the touch of a button.

This revolutionary razor features warming technology that heats the blades in less than a second to provide continuous soothing warmth on your skin. The Heated Razor maintains a consistent and comfortable temperature and utilizes FlexDisc™ tech to evenly distribute heat on your face. While hot water is great, it cools and doesn’t provide the same warmth throughout your shave. The Heated Razor also comes with a wireless magnetic charging stand, rechargable Li-Ion battery



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$47 OFF Fire Sense Portable Gas Fire Pit

Get 20% OFF the chiliPAD Sleep System that makes summer sleeping bearable and lowers your AC bill with a hydro-powered mattress pad, thermal regulating cube and infrared remote that cools your bed to as low as 55 degrees or as warm as 11 degrees

$10 OFF Free Fly Hydro Short

40% OFF Nike React Element 55 Sneaker

$27 OFF Proof Highline Shorts

Up to 40% OFF Timberland Brooklyn Waterproof Sneaker

50% OFF Original Grand Wingtip Shoes

$34 OFF SeaVees Legends Pig Suede Shoes
$132 OFF HyperLamina™ Spark 35°F / 1°C Sleeping Bag

$13 OFF Colchester Low Top Shoes

ONLY $11 for the Mission Control™ Trucker Hat


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Up To 50% OFF Lacoste Clothing, Shoes and Accessories

Up To 60% OFF Clothing and Shoes from Nordstrom

Deals On Clothes From Mountain Hardwear

Up To 78% OFF TAG Heuer Sunglasses

Save on Anker Electronics

Save on Drink Mixes & Coffee Shots


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