‘Day Drinking’ Offers Cocktail Ideas That’ll Keep The Buzz Going Without Getting You Blackout Drunk By Dinner

by 2 years ago

Day Drinking Book

Day drinking is an art from. Few are the men and women who can keep a continual buzz without falling into the dreaded “blackout drunk” zone. The key, as Day Drinking: 50 Cocktails for a Mellow Buzz explains, is in the booze choice.

When the occasion calls for a drink, but not for getting drunk, mix up a batch of day drinks—low-alcohol cocktails that are festive, mouthwateringly delicious, and light on the booze.

Using beer, wine, sake, sherry, and vermouth, plus a variety of amari and other flavorful liqueurs like St-Germain, Campari, and Aperol, the cocktails (and mocktails!) of Day Drinking are easy to make and easy on the alcohol content. Here are light drinks for hot days, warm drinks for cool days, and an abundance of classic—and reimagined—low-proof spritzers, sangrias, micheladas, and so much more.

From brunch with friends to bridal showers and barbecues, from tailgates to snow days to afternoons hanging out on the beach, just about any daytime social occasion is greatly improved by a drink. And these 50 creative cocktails are just the thing.

Grab the paperback for just $11 and get to drinking — casually.


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