This Jewelry Website Thought Up The Filthiest Slogan To Sell Earrings And It Got Everyone’s Attention

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Earring Ad

Every holiday season the jewelry commercials and their slogans invade the airwaves and your brain.

“Every kiss begins with Kay.”
“He went to Jared.”
“A diamond is forever.”

Stone & Strand thought up a brilliant and catchy slogan to promote the fact that they now carry a particular line of earrings.

“Something for every hole.”

You’ve got every man’s attention. Now, what are you selling?

Maria Tash, the maker of these fine ear danglers, was none too thrilled about the phrase though. She probably calmed down when she realized photos of her earrings were being passed around the internet for 2 days. I’m sure Stone & Sand moved a bunch of that bling.

As of this morning, Stone & Strand haven’t taken down the ad but they have amended it slightly.

Something For Every Hole

[via Metro]

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