The New Commercial For ‘Dude Wipes’ Is Pretty Poopy, ‘Cause Poop Is Pretty Funny

by 4 years ago

A few years ago when Dude Wipes first hit the market, they sent a HUGE box with hundreds of them to the BroBible office. We used the shit out of them — literally — because when eight dudes eat chicken parm heros from a dirty Korean deli for lunch three days a week, they take a lot of shits. That office smelled like a goddamn locker room. Only the best memories.

ANYWAY, Dude Wipes are sanitary wonders. ESPECIALLY the ones with Aloe. Those are divine. And they can be used in all sorts of situations, too — I’ve used them at cookouts to wipe off BBQ sauce from ribs off my face. Never know when you’re gonna need a Dude Wipe.

Now our bathroom has scented candles and shit. And Dude Wipes is like a legit thriving company (and so are we, I guess… evolution, baby!), moving product left and right on Amazon. They have a commercial now and it’s heavy on the poop references, because poop is never not funny.

Buy your Dude Wipes on Amazon: 30 pack of Dude Wipes for $10.44, a 48-count pack of unscented ones for $6.64 (minus that Aloe tingle on the bunghole), or a 100-count pack for $30.

What a mess.




[H/T: Boing Boing]

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