Your Bachelor Pad Isn’t Complete Without This VERY Important Product: Beer Shampoo

A few years ago my cousin came back from a European trip and brought me home some beer shampoo as a souvenir. I remember when he gave me the beer shampoo he mostly thought it was a gag gift, not realizing at all that this stuff’s actually incredible for your hair. I also assumed it was pretty much a gag gift until I used it for the first time and until now I haven’t really gone on the record to sing the praises of beer shampoo. So let me just throw out a few reasons you need to give this a try right now: 1) there’s no better bachelor pad accessory than beer shampoo, 2) this stuff is genuinely incredible for your hair, 3) it’ll pair PERFECTLY with a shower beer. Now let’s check it out:

Duffy’s Brew Premium Craft Beer Shampoo (12oz.) — $19.95

— Beer is good for your hair. Really, really, ridiculously good for your hair.
— Duffy’s Brew uses REAL Craft Beer which is naturally rich in Amino Acids, and the Hops, Roasted Barley & Malt provide a restorative coat of Vitamin B, Proteins & Minerals that protect each strand of hair while adding incredible body and volume.
— The Hops and Yeast also contain anti-septic properties that help treat scalp irritations & dandruff, and the Maltose & Sucrose used in the brewing process tighten hair cuticles for enhanced shine.
— Lathers thickly & rinses clean, and subtle spiced mahogany and caramel fragrances compliment the bold aroma of the beer (but no, you won’t smell like a bar. You’ll smell awesome instead).
— Duffy’s Shampoo also contains Acai, Goji, Aloe, Sunflower & Fennel extracts that collectively moisturize, nourish, seal, protect & stimulate hair growth, all while leaving your hair incredibly silky & smooth.
— Free of Sulfates, Parabens & Phthalates. 100% NEVER tested on animals.

Purchase Today: $19.95

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