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Eat Clean Bro’s Founder Shares How Billboards On The Jersey Turnpike Made Him A New Jersey Legend

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If you’ve ever driven down the New Jersey Turnpike, there’s no doubt you’ve seen the billboards sporting that big, blue font with the simple, three-word phrase: Eat Clean Bro. For those who have yet to venture into the American northeast, the sight is a simple, yet repetitive one. Mile after mile, big Eat Clean Bro billboards line the sides of I-95 in New Jersey.

When Jamie Giovinazzo, founder & president of Eat Clean Bro, began setting up his billboards, he wasn’t trying to become a New Jersey legend. It just happened!

In fact, the real reason for the billboards is a much better story. Forever scarred by the overnight decline of Myspace, Jamie wanted to make sure all his eggs weren’t in the single basket of social media when it came to marketing his meal delivery service.

Jamie realized that the turnpike created a massive bottleneck into New York City and thus making New Jersey amazing real estate for billboards. So after seeing some success with his initial couple of billboards, Jamie went all in.

It was GEICO, Bud Light, and Eat Clean Bro!

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And from there, Jamie was launched into New Jersey legendary status. Joining our guys on the Endless Hustle podcast for the CEO Round Table, here’s Jamie sharing the whole story about how his Eat Clean Bro billboards made him a New Jersey legend.

Out of all the reasons there could be to start investing in billboards, Jamie’s was to flex on his hometown high school friends. But hey, I can’t blame him. Who doesn’t want to stunt on their friends? I sure do. And compared to my go-to flex of parallel parking perfectly on the first try, having your own billboards is a much bigger flex. And with the abundance of success that has come Jamie’s way, I don’t think he needs to do much flexing on his own anymore.

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What is Eat Clean Bro?

As a premier meal delivery service, Eat Clean Bro gives you full control over how you want to utilize their delicious meals.

  1. You Pick: With no subscriptions or contracts, you can pick whatever you want to be delivered whenever you want
  2. They Cook: And they clean up! Eat Clean Bro meals are fresh and never frozen. Chef prepared, nutritionist-approved
  3. Fast Delivery: Next day delivery options are available. Go ahead and order by 11:59 p.m. today and get it by tomorrow

Craving a healthy and delicious steak meal? Eat Clean Bro has your back. Want a turkey dish mixed with power greens and nutrients? They’ve got that, too. Or want something vegetarian that still packs plenty of taste? Try one of the beyond meals on the Eat Clean Bro menu.

Look, there are plenty of meal delivery services to choose from, but why not support one that knows what they’re doing. Jamie isn’t a legend just because of his Eat Clean Bro billboards, the service he provides deserves credit too. All Eat Clean Bro meals are beyond delicious, while still being healthy for you. So take your entire lifestyle to the top with Eat Clean Bro providing you the convenience and quality you need.

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