Load Up On Kindle Versions Of Popular Textbooks For Up To 80% Off And Save Your Parents Some Money

The sum of money universities lose in situations like this sale on eTextbooks must be staggering. But screw them, they’re already getting a boatload of bills out of you and your parents. Save some money and check if your textbooks for next semester are on sale today.

Browse around different categories like business, arts, languages and even some topics you might only be half interested in learning about. A few titles that popped out include Social Engineering: The Art of Human Hacking, Basic Physics: A Self-Teaching Guide and Chemistry for Everyone: A Helpful Primer for High School or College Chemistry.

Each day, Amazon will unveil new Kindle book deals. Now, these might not be the EXACT books on your syllabus come September, but a few extra study guides for super cheap won’t hurt your grades.


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