Everyday Carry Essentials For Your Next Football Tailgate

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Football tailgates are one of humankind’s greatest inventions. Amazing food, cold beverages, space to throw the football and play games, and a sea of fans all rooting for the same team to win in the spirit of competition—as well as the opposing team’s fans sitting only a stone’s throw away.

Double down on your tailgating set up with a few of these essentials. First, go with a pair of unique shades from Pit Viper. The Dolce Vita’s are only $50, and they’ve got the mojo to give your team a dash of good luck on the day.

Then we’re digging this Fishpond Beverage Holder. And don’t let the quality fool you, this holder is made out of strong 680D TPU recycled nylon.

Last we’re highlighting a new chef’s knife. Hast has got some amazing offerings, and this one in a black finish is sleek and will have you prepping the food fast as a fox.

Read more below to learn about all of today’s Everday Carry Essentials.

Essentials for Tailgating

[1] Fishpond River Rat Beverage Holder

[2] Pit Viper Dolce Vita

[3] Hast 8″ Chef Knife

[4] Sendero Provisions Co. Diamondback Structured 5-Panel

[5] Barebones Cast Iron Griddle

Fishpond River Rat Beverage Holder

$20 via huckberry

Pit Viper Dolce Vita

$50 via pit viper

Barebones Cast Iron Griddle

$55 via huckberry

Sendero Provisions Co. Diamondback Structured 5-Panel

$21 via huckberry

Hast 8″ Chef Knife

$119 via huckberry

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