This Kickstarter Shaving Product Is The Best Grooming Invention In The Last 25 Years

by 2 years ago

evolution brush

No offense to all these fancy men’s grooming companies, but I don’t have time to use old school shaving cream that requires a shaving brush and a mortar and pestle bowl just for it to get foamy. I have the products too, but 99% of the time I skip using them and just use my shaving gel that spits out of a can. It saves time and and it isn’t like shaving the old fashioned way is any more enjoyable. Well, now you can mix the old with the new and you don’t even have to get your hands full of shaving cream. Because the Evolution Brush pops right onto the top of any shave gel can. It is literally like nothing on the market and it is a far more affordable option to buying some fancy shaving kit.

Buy It Here:$19

How you put it on your can.

Check out the Evolution Brush Kickstarter here.

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