Fidget Spinners Are So Yesterday, The New Hotness Is Toothpick Crossbows

by 9 months ago

Fidget spinners are all the rage. Now there’s a new toy that is set to dominate the world and cause kids to go bananas and annoy the shit out of everyone in the immediate vicinity. The latest toy craze is the mini toothpick crossbow. However, unlike the fidget spinner, the mini toothpick crossbow has some potential to be dangerous. These miniature plastic or metal weapons can fire fairly harmless wooden toothpicks, but some have been equipped to fire metal needles that can do some damage.

The handheld crossbows were created to fire toothpicks at a distance of more than 65 feet. However, some have weaponized the crossbows to launch metal needles. The mini crossbows are already popular in China, where they only cost seven yuan which is the equivalent of $1 and have sold out in many places. The crossbows have already been banned in schools and there is a movement for the government to ban the potential weapon.

The mini toothpick crossbows are already being sold in the U.S. where they are available on Amazon. However, they do not cost $1. The crossbows are available to purchase on Amazon and cost $19.99 to a desktop version for $25.56 to a scorpion crossbow that costs $34.98. I have a feeling that there is going to be a shit-ton of kids looking like a group of pirates with their eyes in patches after having toothpick crossbow wars.

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