100% Real ‘Hoverboard’ Can Fly Up To A Height Of 10,000ft, Is Actually A Jet Turbine Engine Attached To Your Feet

In case you bros weren’t already aware, the future is now. Soon we’ll all be flying around the sky on our jet turbine-propelled hoverboards and getting to and from the bar for penny pitcher night will be more dangerous than ever because we’re all going to have to learn how to land our goddamn jetpacks without coming in HOT.

The name Franky Zapata might not ring a bell, but you’ve absolutely seen his handy work before. He’s the guy who invented the water-jet Flyboards that you see people doing on vacation. They allow you to ‘fly’ up to around 30-feet in the air by harnessing the jet propulsion power of water. Since Franky dropped his product on the world five years ago it has been the MUST DO activity on any tropical vacation.

Well Mr. Zapata just dropped his newest creation on the world and it’s a total game changer in the world of action sports. The ‘Flyboard® Air’ is essentially a hoverboard that’s powered by a jet turbine engine. It can fly up to a height of 10,000 feet and reach a speed of 93-miles-per-hour, but here’s the kicker: the Flyboard® Air is fueled by a backpack full of some sort of jet fuel and it runs out really, really quickly. So the Flyboard® Air is only able to zoom around for a duration of 10 minutes.

Don’t get me wrong, I do think that 10 minutes is more than enough time to cruise around the sky at 93mph (it’d be exhilirating as fuuuuuck) but I worry that going that fast or that high (up to 10k feet) with only 10 minutes to burn is very, very dangerous.

What happens when you’re rocketing up to an altitude of like 8,000-feet with only 30-seconds left worth of fuel? To you just pull a parachute chord when you’re done and listlessly fall back to Planet Earth like an impotent man who once had a jetpack but now is stuck in his harness with the world’s most painful wedgie? I’m sure they’ll figure this out, Franky Zapata is probably swimming in cash after launching the initial Flyboard® water and can afford to spend as much money as he wants on R&D.

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