The ‘Freeze Alert’ Is An Alarm That Tells Your When Your Beer Is Cold After Sticking It In The Freezer

Tell me this hasn’t happened to you: You throw some warm beers in the freezer to chill them quickly, then you lose track of time. Then you open the freezer and, oof, your beer has either frozen solid or exploded from freezing. This can be extra dicy if you’re dealing with a broken glass bottle all over your bags of frozen peas. It’s especially scary if your ice tray is close by.

The Freeze Alert is a novelty that solves that. It’s a fridge magnet with talking alerts that you can alert when you stick a six pack in the fridge for a quick chill. It dings you after 35 minutes. If you’re preoccupied after that, the voice gradually gets more and more angry with you the longer you leave your beer in the fridge.

It’s a silly novelty, but tons of fun if you’ve ever had a beer or three explode in your freezer by your own negligence.




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