Take Control Of Your Acne Once And For All With FRONTMAN’s Innovative Treatment

Presented in partnership with FRONTMAN…

Unless you’re one of those lucky people who gets blessed with perfect skin — which isn’t many of us — you’ve had a bout with acne at some point in your life. Whether it was waking up to a crater on your face before a big job interview, or seeing a bunch of patches of zits the day before your first date with that gal you met on a dating app, a face full of acne is the worst.

Making matters worse is that acne just doesn’t give a damn about your plans, and often causes redness, flaking and all sorts of other unappealing things to go with those new zits of yours. Bottom line: It sucks to try and manage.

But a new, innovative brand called FRONTMAN is here to help, fellas, because they’re creating a brand new category for men’s grooming, combining skincare and cosmetics to launch Fade™, a medicated acne fader and tinted cream that treats and conceals acne from the moment you put it on your face.


Wait, isn’t that just… makeup? Well, sort of. But FRONTMAN is so much more than just hiding your acne with a little concealer like your girlfriend does.

Working with dermatologists for almost two years, FRONTMAN’s Fade™ is specifically formulated with salicylic acid to clean out pores, lemon extract to fade dark spots, and spearmint extract to relieve redness and itching. That means it’s not just a cover up, but actually going to work on those irritating zits that always seem to pop up at the worst times.

Currently available in four shades that uniquely blends with the skin, Fade™ offers the right option for your skin tone in order to stay discrete when applied. And because it’s made from natural ingredients, your face will be free of parabens and other bad stuff that could just lead to more breakouts.


Nobody likes having acne, guys, so it’s time to take control of your face and get back to feeling confident, looking handsome AF, and knowing you’re treating the issue. FRONTMAN allows you to do just that with its Fade™.

The brand also serves as a go-to guide on all things acne, and has other products available that will help clean up your face and prevent future breakouts. So stop getting frustrated when new zits pop up, because there’s now a solution specifically designed for guys that gives you peace of mind when treating them.



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