SO CHILL: ‘The Frost Pipe’ Is A Bowl For Smoking Weed That’s Made Completely Of Ice

We all know “that stoner” who brags about his ability to engineer a marijuana smoking device out of any and every food. Stoners LOVE manufacturing makeshift bowls and bongs, especially when they involve delicious, colorful foods (like Starbusts… or pineapple… or watermelon) that are fun to eat after smoking up.

The Frost Pipe, however, is literally the chillest smoking device on the block. It’s made of ice, so all you need is water and a freezer to stick the mold in. A few hours later, voilà, you have a toking device that just melts away when you’re done with it.

The Frost Pipe mold and screen costs $25 for one ($40 for two!). At that price it’s a novelty smoking device, definitely not for the every day wake’n baker — You’re probably not going to trade in your custom hand-blown glass in favor of an ice bowl any time. Also, I kinda have to wonder about the risks associated with ice smoking — Do you get frost-bite on your lips when passing one of these around?

That said, it seems like it could be a fun addition for the arsenal.

Also, you can have a shit ton of fun with multi-colored/flavored creations. Basically, you can make a bowl that’s a popsicle. Here are some recipes:

So damn chill.

Pic via Miss Blaze and The Frost Pipe on Instagram

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