Fuego Professional Is Considered The ‘iPhone Of Grills’ And It’s Better Than Your Current Grill

by 2 months ago

Fuego Professional Grill

Most of the country put grills into hibernation for the winter but with spring coming in fast, and daylight savings time just a few weeks away, it’s almost time to break out the BBQ again.

If you’ve been dragging out the same tired grill season after season, it might be time to make a switch to the “iPhone of grills.”

The Fuego Professional F24C is a powerful grill designed by Robert Brunner – a former chief designer at Apple who also designed the Beats by Dre headphones.

The Fuego Professional is an upgraded version of the original, award-winning gas grill and features the same compact body with a larger diameter for more grilling space. The minimalist design was strategically engineered to fit into tight corners and spaces. The compact size doesn’t get in the way of its performance: It has a combined 26,500 BTU/hr and the ability to preheat to 500F within 5 minutes.

The lid is hinged to a 45-degree angle to prevent reaching over the hot fire and the easy-to-clean, drop-through residue removal system makes clean up a breeze. The Fuego Professional F24C is ideal for condos or apartments with small patios or balconies, or anyone that wants a powerful grill that also fits perfectly with their living space.

Fire up the spring and summer with the Fuego professional F24C and dump your old grill now.


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