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Geologie Now Offers Unique Haircare Products For Men – Here’s How To Buy

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No-Shave November is here. You might think the trend toward natural facial care is about spotlighting men’s health awareness. And you’d be partially correct. But caring for hair has gone in and out of fashion over the centuries.

Shaving dates back 100,000 years to the last ice age when freezing beards and frostbite prompted guys to shear off all their facial follicles for safety. But without the imminent threat of freezing in most cases, styles have come and gone with regularity since, meaning guys should probably be spending at least a little time considering their hair’s long-term health and happiness.

You may have heard of Geologie after this company made a name for itself with its line of customized skincare formulas that help guys get into skincare in just a few minutes each day. After the raging success of its personalized four-step skincare package, Geologie has expanded. It now offers a full range of haircare, body wash, deodorants, and other finely crafted products, all based on the same philosophy: haircare and skincare so simple even a guy couldn’t screw it up. Geologie has brought years of skincare expertise and skin-smart ingredients to haircare. Scalp care meets skin care in Geologie’s Custom Control Haircare line, designed to nourish the scalp and give you healthy hair from roots to ends.


That approach is front and center, starting with Geologie’s new two new Hair Co-Washes. While you can scrub most shampoo brands into a giant lather, all that does is spread harsh chemicals and sulfates throughout your hair. Those chemicals effectively strip your hair of the many precious natural oils it needs to be healthy. This Co-Wash clean and moisturizes the scalp without all the harmful side effects.

Users can choose the Cooling Hair Co-Wash made from tea tree oil and aloe vera, a refreshing, even tingly scalp restoration blend best for oiler hair types. Or try the Smoothing Hair Co-Wash with avocado and coconut oil that hydrates the scalp, particularly great those with drier hair types.

While the Co-Washes have just landed as part of the Geologie’s Custom Control Haircare line, the company’s products have already prompted more than 6,000 5-star reviews singing its praises. “Started using these products a month ago. I have seen a dramatic improvement in my skin, and others are noticing it too. I cannot recommend these enough,” Geologie user Campbell said. Co-wash is getting rave reviews already, “This co-wash is amazing. Super hydrating and my hair felt clean and refreshed just out of the shower,” said Jolie.

Head to the Geologie website and place your order to get your hair looking and feeling its best.

You can also take Geologie’s short skin assessment quiz and get a uniquely formulated 30-day trial supply set of Geologie skincare products for just $20.

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