This Skull Bong Covered In Gold-Encrusted Marijuana Leaves Can Be Yours For Only $100,000

The high-end glass business is the subject of an extremely fascinating piece over at Buzzfeed. TL;DR: Ganjapreneurs in Colorado, Washington, California, and other states where marijuana is legalized either recreationally or medicinally can’t put the beaucoup cash they are making in banks since it’s still federally illegal. But they have found a loophole in the glass pipe and bong industry, where rich stoners/businessmen are spending five-figures or more on ornate, handmade bongs. One rich kid profiled in the Buzzfeed piece is said to have a $500,000 glass collection in his… wait for it… mom’s basement. Go read it, it’s fantastic.

Business is booming in the high-end glass thanks to marijuana’s continued widespread popularity. And that’s not going away soon. According to Buzzfeed, a glassblower named Scott Depp made a bong that’s a skull with gold-encrusted marijuana leaves. It is for sale for $100,000. Here’s what it looks like:

[H/T: Gawker]

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