Not Only Is This $10,000 Couch Bulletproof, It’s A Gun Safe Too

There’s nothing wrong with being prepared for the worst. “We’ll figure it out” isn’t really a plan of action in the event of a worst case scenario. That’s why products like the CouchBunker™ exist.

Built by the same Texas company that popularized the Bed Bunker, CouchBunker is the only piece of furniture you need in your secret lair/doomsday vault. It’s a massive, 650-pound gun safe hidden inside a custom built couch. It’s capable of some serious firearm storage: The safe alone is the size of “a half queen bed” and holds up to 30 rifles. It’s capable of withstanding fire for two hours.

But the real draw of the Bed Bunker is the bullet-resistant couch cushions. In the event of shit really hitting the fan like a Bourne movie, the cushions serve as personal shields, with Bed Bunker claiming they can stop a 44 Magnum at point blank range. Check out a demo in the video above.

Couches start at $7,780 and go over $10,000. That’s a small price for the peace of mind.





[H/T: Hi Consumption]

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