Why Make One When You Can Make Two? This Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker Is Under $25 Right Now

best breakfast sandwich maker

Straight up, if there’s one thing that all Bros could unanimously agree on, it has to be breakfast sandwiches. They’re great. Amazing. Spectacular. And any other adjective that you’d use to say “really fucking good.”

Knowing the countless amount of breakfast sandies consumed by all of you regularly – most probably on Saturday and Sunday mornings as a means to fend off that impending hangover – I figured this little guy could be of great use.


Introducing Hamilton Beach’s Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker. Yes, dual. As in two. As in two delicious, restaurant-style breakfast sandwiches prepared before your eyes in just 5 minutes with literally the least amount of effort possible. All you have to do is stack your ingredients, and press go. Seriously, that’s it. Easiest thing ever. And today, it’s on sale for only $24.99.

That price beats the hell out of 1) regularly overpaying for breakfast sandwiches at your local establishment, and 2) regularly having to clean a myriad of frying pans and kitchen utensils. Not to mention it makes two at once. TWO AT ONCE.


There’s a good reason this thing is rated 4.7 out of 5 stars from more than 1,500 customer reviews, and that’s because the little appliance is downright genius. Like, it should be a law that every household in America is required to have one of these, because they’re so damn useful.

For under $25, there’s no reason this Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker shouldn’t be in your kitchen ASAP. After all, you’re 100% lying if you’ve never eaten two bacon, egg & cheeses in the same sitting.

BUY IT NOW: $24.99

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