Introducing ‘Hank The Beer Tank,’ A Portable Kegerator Invented By Two Bros Who Love Drinking Draft Beer EVERYWHERE

Meet Hank the Beer Tank, a new invention from a couple of draft-beer-loving Bros who found a problem that needed solving. That problem, of course, is drinking draft beer on the go. Of course you can buy a keg, throw it in a bucket of ice and tap that fucker at a tailgate, but what are you, uncivilized? This is 2015, why are you still tailgating like it’s 1999?

That’s where Hank the Beer Tank comes in (or at least that’s the problem I think old Hank is solving). It’s a portable Kegerator that doesn’t require buying a ton of ice and a tap that you constantly need to pump. It’s customizable, too. Like a normal Kegerator, you can buy your own tap handle to express yourself and you can get your own RadioFlyer to pull it in. Wait. What?

Aside from the inability to rip keg stands, the need for a wagon or something to move it with is the only pitfall I can see to Hank. Sure, it’s portable, but why not give it wheels at the base to make it so you don’t need an actual wagon to transport it? That’s a free tip, Hank the Beer Tank creators. The next one will cost you 20% of the entire company.

Either way, Hank the Beer Tank is ok by me. If you agree and want a Hank the Beer Tank of your own, hit up the Kickstarter that launched today.

“Ha Ha. Beer!”

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