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Head Out The Door Feeling Confident & Acne Free Thanks To FRONTMAN’s Fade


At some point in their life, pretty much everyone has had to deal with some sort of acne. And as you probably already know, it’s not a fun experience. Always timing its appearance to perfection on the morning of your school picture, acne is truly a hassle — especially for guys.

As for my approach in dealing with breakouts — I just prayed it never came. In the unlucky event that my face did break out, well, I’d just pray it’d subside as soon as possible. And over the past year or so, that strategy has worked out quite well, since I’ve been able to hide behind a screen each day. But now that the world is opening back up, wishing my acne away no longer cuts it.

There’s plenty of reasons to be a bit anxious or worried as the world reopens, but a face full of acne shouldn’t be one of them. Whether you’re headed into the office for the first time post-pandemic or just meeting up with friends you haven’t seen in a while, it’s all about putting your best face forward.

That’s why I’m excited about a new, innovative brand called FRONTMAN that is combining skincare and cosmetics to help you step back into the world with a face full of confidence. FRONTMAN is disrupting the men’s skincare industry with their brand new product, Fade™, a medicated acne fader and tinted cream that treats and conceals acne from the moment you put it on your face.


with and without Fade

Confidence Boost in 10 Seconds

Fade™ is a skin-colored cream with proven acne-fighting ingredients. In fact, it’s doing double the work — covering and treating acne at the same time.

I always felt the real struggle with acne was how long treatments took to start showing some results. If a pimple conveniently pops up right before the first date with the girl of your dreams, say goodbye to any shred of confidence. And good luck, since that’s definitely a part of the first impression now.

Thankfully, Fade™ works to cover up your acne immediately. We’re talking 10 seconds needed to boost that confidence to an all-time high. All you need to do is apply a dot over your acne and tap to blend. Just like that your acne disappears from sight, allowing you to feel your best.


Fade apply

Fight Back Against Acne

Like we mentioned earlier, FRONTMAN’s Fade™ does more than just covering up those blemishes on your face. I mean, everyone’s end goal to to rid themselves of those pesky pimples isn’t it? FRONTMAN sure thinks so. That’s why they’ve spent almost the past two years working with dermatologists to formulate Fade™ with the following active acne-fighting ingredients:

  • 0.5% salicylic acid to clean pores outs
  • Lemon extract to fade dark spots
  • Spearmint extract to relieve irritation.

And it’s made from natural ingredients, further keeping your face free of parabens and all the bad stuff that only leads to more breakouts.


Fade colors

Fade™ is currently available in four shades, so you can select the right option for you skin tone that keeps it discreet. Even better, Fade™ is sweatproof, allowing you to hit the gym and go all day without worrying about reapplying.

Acne has been plaguing the confidence of men for far too long. And now with FRONTMAN’s Fade™ you finally have a fast-working and effective skincare solution for your face. And with the world reopening, there’s no better time for FRONTMAN.


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