These $19 Heat Resistant Gloves Will Let You Grab Hot Pans And Reach Into Fire Like It’s NBD

Fire Resistant Grill Gloves

Here’s what I love about these heat-resistant oven gloves from Simdevanma. Not only are they awesome, but they’re also actually down with showing people doing crazy stuff. They’re so confident in their product they’ve got pictures of people picking up flaming logs like “yawwwwnnn. It’s on fire. No big deal.” Most companies would say it but never show it. This company is all-in on fire touching.

Made of high-quality materials, these grill gloves absorb even the slightest hint of heat, so that even the hottest object feels like it came straight out of the fridge,100% high performance and can withstand 932°F. I’m not even sure it’s possible to get an oven that hot but now I want to try JUST to use these gloves.

Grill Gloves Fire Resistant

They’re also made with CE-Level 3 cut-resistant fiber so you can keep working with knives or sharp utensils while holding hot pots and pans or welding with hot metals and then you can take that damn act to America’s Got Talent.

If you’re willing to give fire log juggling a try, or just want a sweet pair of grill gloves, this pair is 50% off today. Go for it and start touching fire by the weekend.


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