Your Man Cave Isn’t Complete Without This ‘High’ Retro Neon Sign

A quality neon sign is a staple in every great dive bar across the nation. Without a neon sign a bar simply doesn’t qualify as a ‘dive bar’, and I happen to believe that the same thing holds true for a man cave. Without a badass neon sign in your humble abode you just cannot call it a ‘man cave’. It might be your lounge, the room where you play Halo, but unless you’ve got this ‘HIGH’ neon sign, or an equally badass neon sign, you cannot refer to that room as a ‘man cave’.

So what’s the biggest problem with owning a neon sign? Well, they’re typically expensive as balls. A quality neon sign will set you back hundreds and hundreds of dollars, that’s why you need to ACT FAST when you find one on sale…Hence why I’m here blogging about them today. For the next 6 days we’re running a deal in the BroBible store where you can get this ‘HIGH’ neon sign for just $219.99, a sign that typically retails for $527. So if you bust out your card and buy one today you’re saving an astounding 58% on your purchase AND you’re getting a badass neon sign to complete your man cave. So let’s check out the merchandise, shall we?

High Neon Sign — Light Up the Room When You Enter, In Retro Neon Too

Neon is the art of the modern era, and you can nab a piece to add to (or start) your personal collection. It adds a contemporary splash to any space, and even doubles as soft lighting. With a long power cord and easy holes, it’s a breeze to mount. The writing’s on the wall: just plug in and light up.

— Glass is hand-crafted in beautiful clear acrylic
— Two holes are pre-drilled for easy hanging
— Six foot power cord includes on/off switch
— Note: for Indoor use only


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