These Custom ‘Wawa’ Nike Air Max 90 Sneakers Are So Fresh They Might Cause Riots In Philly

how to get the Wawa Nike Air Max 90 sneakers

iStockphoto / Philip Rozenski

  • Wawa debuted custom Wawa Nike Air Max 90 sneakers and the city of Philadelphia simply is not ready to handle this freshness
  • These Wawa Nikes are not an official collaboration and only 10 pairs are being released which might make these the most exclusive sneakers ever in the City of Brotherly Love
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The rumors are true, the custom Wawa Nike Air Max 90 sneakers are real and they’re amazing. Putting yourself in the lottery to win these Wawa Nike Air Max 90 Sneakers is actually quite easy and I’ve got details on that below.

Unfortunately, they are going to be virtually impossible to get because the demand for these sneakers includes like 25% of The Mid-Atlantic and Northeast population. And there are only 10 pairs being released as part of this exclusive drop.

These Wawa Nikes are not an official collaboration with Nike. Philly-based shoe customizer Garrixon made 10 pairs of these for Wawa. They feature the words ‘Wawa Run’ on the side and there’s the signature Wawa goose on the upper heel. The color scheme pays tribute to the brand’s iconography with a blend of red, blue, orange, black gray, and white. These will also come in a hoagie-inspired shoe box.

How to get the Wawa Nike Air Max 90 Sneakers

As I mentioned several times above, there are only 10 pairs of these custom Wawa Nike Air Max 90 sneakers out there for the taking. Entering for a chance to win a pair is relatively easy while actually winning them seems virtually impossible.

This is all part of a sweepstake from Wawa and they’ve shared the rules to enter in the caption of the Instagram posts below. That caption reads: “GIVEAWAY Shoe game is OFFICIALLY on point! Want a chance to own the EXCLUSIVE Wawa sneakers?!? To enter, follow @wawa, share this post to your IG story and comment #Sweepstakes below. Rules in bio. // : @garrixonstudio”

Pretty simple. All you need to do to enter is share that post below to your IG story, follow Wawa, and comment with the hashtag ‘sweepstakes’. Then you’ll be in the running for a pair.

I currently see around 10,000 comments on one of those pictures in under 24 hours. The chance to enter runs through August 30th. Then the winners will be selected and Garrixon will customize each of the ten pairs of Wawa Nike Air Max 90 Sneakers to the size of the winners.

Wawa is also giving away some other stuff like cameras, umbrellas, and hammocks but this is all about the shoes, isn’t it? Here’s the rest of the haul:

I grew up in Florida and didn’t come to know and love Wawa until I moved to The Northeast after college and even I’m ready to risk it all for these shoes. I can’t even fathom how popular these will be in the state of Pennsylvania.

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