Ink Hunter App Shows What A Tattoo Will Look Like On The Body To Prevent People From Making Really Big Mistakes

by 3 years ago

I got my first tattoo at 18. By 24, I wanted it off my body. It wasn’t awful but it just wasn’t me anymore. So I covered it up with more ink. Like Jesus would have wanted.

Ink Hunter might have saved me a whole bunch of time and money.

Ink Hunter digitally projects tattoos onto your body using the camera on your phone. Just upload a design to the app, mark the area of your body where you want the ink, and apply the image in real time. Once it’s projected onto your body, you can mess with the angle, size and color of the tattoo or decide if you even want the damn thing at all.

Ink Hunter will give you the best idea if the tattoo is a good or bad move. Speaking of bad moves…

[via HiConsumption]