Inkwells Tattoos Watches Are A Purchase You’ll Never Regret — Unlike That Tribal Band Around Your Arm

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Tattoos always seem like a good idea at the time. Some look good until the day you die. Others…yikes.

Well, you can’t change tattoos from the past (unless you’ve got a ton of money and get laser it off) but you can bring the art form of tattooing to your body with the permanency.

Inkwell watches are unique timepieces with a tattoo design. The main feature of Inkwell is the exclusive printing technology similar to an actual tattoo with its natural depth of lines and shapes. Each design was created by a professional tattoo artist.

Here’s more about the project:

Each of us wants to be different, striving for uniqueness and seeking self-expression. Nowadays, a tattoo is one of the most affordable and impressive ways to achieve that. Millions of people from all over the world have already decorated themselves with tattoos and transformed their bodies into canvases which tell the stories of their lives and astound everyone around with their beauty.

You can always put a tattoo on your body. But can you take it off? Remove it temporarily? Wear it anytime you want?

I’ll answers those questions with a NOPE! But now you can.

Inkwell Tattoo Watch 2

Inkwell Tattoo Watch 3

Inkwell Tattoo Watch 4

Inkwell Tattoo Watch 1


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