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Is A Wallet A Good Gift? Everything You Need to Know About Gifting A Ridge Wallet This Holiday Season


Whether you’re looking for a thoughtful Christmas present or fun groomsmen gift ideas, giving a  wallet as a gift—especially a Ridge wallet—is always a tasteful choice. Functional and stylish, wallets are one of the best men’s accessories because of how frequently they’re used throughout the day. But picking out the perfect one can be tricky, so we’ve put together a complete guide on everything you need to know about giving a wallet as a gift. Read on so you feel fully prepared when it’s time to shop!

What Does a Wallet Symbolize?

In most cultures, a wallet symbolizes wealth, prosperity, and good luck. It functions as the epicenter for all your cash, credit cards, coupons, and business cards, so it makes sense that this little accessory would represent the larger financial themes of your life. Additionally, a wallet can quite literally be a symbol of status in much the same way as a Rolex watch or a Porsche. A high quality RFID blocking wallet, like those at the Ridge, can signal your financial security, attention to detail, and appreciation for premium goods to both prospective clients at a business dinner or to romantic partners on a first date.


Is It Okay to Give a Wallet as a Gift?

Giving a wallet as a gift is more than okay—it’s a thoughtful and sentimental present that can be cherished by the recipient for the rest of their life. However, there are a few things to consider before making the purchase and wrapping it all up with a bow:

  • What type of wallet does the recipient typically carry?

Think about the gift recipient—do they already have a leather bi-fold wallet, a minimalist metal wallet, or a phone case wallet? It can be difficult to break old habits and switch from one style to another, so when you give a wallet as a gift it’s best to stick with the model they’re familiar with. If you’re buying a wallet for a son, nephew, or younger sibling who’s never owned one before, then you can feel free to pick the style that you think best suits the personal items they carry around every day.

  • What is the recipient’s personal style?

A wallet is a very personal accessory and is often used to express individual style, much like watches, necklaces, or purses do. When picking out a wallet as a gift, consider what the recipient does for work, where they like to spend their time, and what qualities they value. If the recipient is a rugged outdoorsman who enjoys mountain biking, a sturdy metal wallet would be well suited to his adventurous hobbies. But if the recipient is a city slicker lawyer who enjoys fine cuisine more than fresh air, a chic Italian leather card holder could be the more suitable option. If efficiency and functionality matter more to the recipient than old-school aesthetics, a minimalist wallet with a cash strap or a money clip (like those from The Ridge) would be a stylish gift for any man in your life.

  • Are there any cultural considerations you need to take into account?

Just like with giving any other type of gift, it’s important to be aware of whether there are any cultural traditions that might interfere with the recipient enjoying your present. For example, it’s frowned upon in China to give a clock or a watch as a gift because it symbolizes the inevitably of death. Apart from cultural taboos, it might not be appropriate for a younger person to give a wallet as a gift to an older person if there are rules around respecting the seniority of elders. This completely depends on the specific relationship between the gift giver and recipient, but try to be mindful of the unique ways that different cultures engage with gift giving.


The Ridge

Is It Bad Luck to Give a Wallet as a Gift Without Money Inside?

If you believe in superstitions, then yes. Many cultures all over the world (although particularly in Italy) agree that giving a wallet as a gift without money inside of it will bring bad luck, financial ruin, or poor health to the recipient. Interestingly, this traditional superstition has found its way into mainstream phrases like “money attracts money” or “you have to spend money to make money.” The same rules apply in the folklore belief as in the modern lingo—if you want to become wealthy, you need some money to start off with. Following this logic, gifting a wallet with a few bills or coins inside gives the recipient a jumpstart on cultivating a lucky financial life.

Not sure how much money to include inside? Many cultures, such as certain communities in India or those who practice Judaism, believe that odd numbers are luckier than even numbers, meaning that slipping $101 into the wallet instead of $100 would be more favorable. Even though a $2 bill might be a fun collector’s item, it wouldn’t make for the luckiest present!


What Is a Lucky Color for a Wallet?

In the Chinese practice of Feng Shui, it is believed that black is the luckiest color for a wallet because it represents prosperity, wealth, and career opportunities. In many other spiritual traditions black represents protection and security, which would help ensure the recipient’s wealth stays safe if their credit cards and cash are guarded by this color. Green is the color of growth and new life in nature, so a green wallet could also be beneficial if the recipient of your gift is trying to expand their financial stability. Brown is also considered a lucky color for a wallet because it represents the nutrient-rich dirt and regenerative quality of the Earth. A brown wallet could be effective at helping the recipient restore their wealth if they recently suffered a large financial setback.

Even though it might be tempting to buy an eye-catching blue, red, or yellow cardholder, these colors are all seen as unlucky and tradition states that it’s best to stick with the more neutral colors of black, green, and brown. If you want a brightly colored wallet to stand out against dark furniture so you stop losing your wallet around the house, try adding a colorful sticker or keychain to your wallet instead.


Ridge Wallet

How Do You Choose the Right Wallet as a Gift?

In addition to considering lifestyle factors, cultural traditions, lucky colors, and your relationship with the recipient, there are a few nitty-gritty details to think about when picking out the perfect wallet to give as a gift.

The Materials

No matter what kind of wallet casing you choose, make sure that it’s made from high-quality materials so your gift doesn’t fall apart after a few months. At The Ridge, our aluminum, titanium, and carbon fiber wallets are forged from military-grade materials that are designed to last a lifetime. Not only do premium materials give you more bang for your buck, but the sturdy construction shows the recipient that you care about the quality of the items in their life.

The Safety Features

Wireless theft is more common than you might think. In the digital age, scammers can activate the radio frequency identification (RFID) chip implanted in your credit cards and passport to skim the sensitive information without ever touching you or your wallet. All Ridge wallets feature RFID blocking technology to keep your personal details safe from theft (check out our blog post on more tips for wallet security). While the style and function of a wallet are the most important aspect of picking one out as a gift, it’s important to consider the safety features of your purchase so the recipient can have peace of mind as they make daily transactions.

Extra Gadgets

Wallets are one of the best men’s accessories because they often come with extra gadgets to turn it into a multi-functional tool. Some wallets are equipped with bottle openers, miniature pens, screwdrivers, or compasses, which would be perfect for the avid hiker in your life. At The Ridge, we like to keep things simple and include a high quality T5 Torx screwdriver. This handy tool allows you to customize or repair your wallet on-the-go and can be used for any other item you own that uses small screws.


Can You Personalize a Wallet for a Gift?

Yes you can! Personalizing a wallet adds an extra thoughtful touch to your gift. Ridge wallets can be custom laser engraved with a message so you can preserve a precious memory, inside joke, or romantic promise for years to come. A personalized wallet would be an incredibly stylish gift for a man and keep you at the top of their mind every time they take it out of their pocket.

Now comes the hard part—picking out the perfect wallet to give as a gift. If the durable construction, slim silhouette, and roomy storage space of a Ridge wallet is calling your name, browse our entire collection to find which Ridge wallet is right for your gift recipient. Maybe even pick one out for yourself while you’re at it!


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