New Jaybird Vista 2 Headphones Can Withstand Everything Life Throws At You And Then Some

Jaybird Vista 2 Headphones

  • All-new Jaybird Vista 2 Headphones are wireless and earthproof
  • The Jaybird Vista 2’s are built to MIL-STD 810G standards which requires repeated passing of the most rigorous stress testing on the planet
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The all-new Jaybird Vista 2 Headphones were just debuted. These earthproof and wireless headphones were built to provide athletes, travelers, and everyday users with the best audio experience possible.

I have personally used the Jaybird Vista Earthproof Wireless Headphones for several years. I’ll readily vouch for the 1.0 version as the best wireless headphones I’ve ever owned. In 2+ years I haven’t experienced any decline in battery life or sound quality. They are also incredibly comfortable but the Vista 2 Headphones are supposed to blow away the originals.

It was mentioned above that the Jaybird Vista 2 Headphones were built to meet MIL-STD 810G standards. But we should elaborate on what exactly that means. In order to meet those military standards, a product needs to withstand the most rigorous testing around.

They were subjected to repeated and constant shock, vibration, drop, and crush tests. The headphones must also withstand repeated exposure to tropical humidity, hurricane-force water (rain), and sandstorm conditions found in the desert. Suffice it to say that if these wireless headphones were built to withstand all of that they hold up great to working out or daily use.

The Vista 2 Earthproof Wireless Headphones have two incredible features that set them apart from the competition. Active noise-canceling tunes out the world while Jaybird’s Surroundsense tech tracks ambient sound to keep you aware of your surroundings. Meaning if there’s a reason for you to hear something it switches off the noise-canceling functionality in real-time. This really is futuristic tech.

If you ever find that you’re incredibly sweaty, sandy, and dirty after a workout you can literally pour water on these to clean them. That is how rugged the Vista 2 Wireless Headphones are.

Here are some additional images and a video of the Vista 2 Earthproof Wireless Headphones (Purchase Here For $199):

Jaybird Vista 2 Headphones

Jaybird Vista 2 Headphones

Jaybird Vista 2 Headphones

Additional features of the Vista 2’s include:

  • Fully waterproof and sweat-proof construction to withstand years of worksout
  • A rechargeable 6-hour battery along + travel charging case that offers 10 hours of battery so you can get 1.8X full charge from the case
  • Create custom EQ settings and Spotify integration
  • The Vista 2’s come with three sizes of eargels to match perfectly with the size of your ears
  • Built-in tracking capabilities. In case you lose one they’re incredibly easy to find!
  • Built-in active noise canceling + Surroundsense tech to provide the best audio experience around

To purchase the Vista 2 Earthproof Wireless Headphones you can follow the ‘shop’ button below or any of the links throughout this article. Jaybird has been working on the Vista 2 model for quite some time and they’re incredibly excited with how the finished product came out. So check ’em out if you’re in the market for new earbuds!


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