WWII Jerry Cans Turned Into Portable Mini Bars Deliver A Much Different Type Of Fuel

Mini Bar Jerry Can

These WWI Jerry Cans converted into portable booze carriers are sure to give great grandpa flashbacks to battles and boozing back in the day.

A “Jerry Can” is a German invention that originated in the second World War. Back then the English referred to the Germans as “Jerries” – hence the name “Jerry Can.”

The coloring of the cans were unique in the sense that it was based on their specific use. Red = gasoline, yellow = diesel, blue = petrol, and light blue = water.

These old One Copenhagen Jerry Cans have been repurposed into fashionable and military-inspired trolleys and bar cabinets for your tough vintage home.

They come in a variety of different colors so grab one to coordinate with your favorite drink.


[via HiConsumption]