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Keeps – Is Your Hair Loss a Sign of Stress or a More Chronic Condition?

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This year was no 2020, but that doesn’t mean you haven’t had reason to be stressed out. And with the holiday season right around the corner, there’s plenty more to be stressed about during 2021. It also doesn’t help with the pandemic lingering over us constantly.

Whether you’re dealing with physical stress brought on by illness or emotional stress, both can negatively impact your body in a number of ways, including causing hair loss.

The good news about stress-related hair loss is that for many people it’s just temporary. If you’re able to address your stress and return to a healthy state, your hair will likely grow back over time. And if you’re experiencing permanent hair loss brought on by a chronic condition like male pattern baldness, there’s still no need for added stress.

Keeps is here to help you keep your hair and stop that receding hairline through education and treatment options. From offering the best scientifically-backed, FDA-approved treatment plans to providing informative hair loss related articles, Keeps wants to help you.

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Stress-Related Hair Loss

We know how unavoidable stress can really be. From busy work weeks to family gatherings, it can feel like there’s no escape. And if you’ve started wondering about the effects it might have on your hair, there are three different types of stress-related hair loss conditions you should know about.

  1. Alopecia areata – A condition in which the body’s immune system attacks hair follicles, leading to hair loss. It can be brought on by a number of factors including anxiety and depressive symptoms.
  2. Telogen effluvium – A condition where hair follicles are prematurely pushed into the telogen phase (also known as the resting phase when hair isn’t actively growing). It is usually brought on by chronic stress, a stressful event or a poor diet, as seen with those recovering from COVID-19.
  3. Trichotillomania – An impulse control disorder characterized by an urge to pull out your own hair. It can be caused by various emotional states like anxiety and frustration.

Luckily, the hair loss caused by all of these conditions can be reversed over time. By returning to a healthy emotional and physical state, your hair can grow back to its former luscious state.

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Even better, stress does not lead to male pattern baldness, which is a genetic condition. However, male pattern baldness is a chronic condition with no known cure. Luckily, preventative treatment options can prevent hair loss and even stimulate hair growth. While there’s no shame in a head without hair, there are options available to stop hair loss if you’re interested. And there’s no better treatment option than Keeps.

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About Keeps

Keeps is a telehealth service that allows board-certified doctors to review your hair loss condition and medical information. They then recommend the best scientifically-backed, FDA-approved treatment and deliver it straight to your door. No doctor’s office or pharmacy visits required.

Not sure what type of hair loss you’re dealing with? Speak to a Keeps doctor to better understand your situation and if needed, get started on the right treatment plan. They understand that everyone deals with stress. So when it comes to deciphering stress-related hair loss from a chronic condition like male pattern baldness, Keeps wants to make sure you’re properly informed.

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