‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ Looks Intense — Follow These Tips To Look Just As Good

For years, men have modeled themselves after James Bond. The international man of mystery has got it all: game, style, a love of “Scotchy Scotch Scotch,” kick-ass pens that turn into time grenades, and some killer rides. But maybe it’s time we find our inspiration elsewhere.

A new trailer for Kingsman: The Secret Service has arrived, and it features footage of Colin Firth and newbie actor Taron Egerton as suave-as-hell secret agents working to overthrow a similarly stylish Samuel L. Jackson.

These guys have style for days, particularly Firth. This dapper gent manages to summersault through the air to deliver a teeth-crunching punch, while somehow leaving his double-breasted suit wrinkle-free. Now this is someone to emulate. As he says, “manners maketh man.”

If you’re looking to up your style game or want to look as bawlin’ as a Kingsman, here’s how you can jack the styles.

Double-Breasted Suit

The double-breasted suit is your secret suiting weapon. Most gents nowadays rely on the single breast, but a full pair will make all the difference…teehee! Just remember to keep it slim and know your length. Back in the Wall Street days, it was custom to have your blazer completely cover your ass, but modern cuts should have it fall halfway down your cheeks. As for the sleeves, have them fall just beyond your wrist. We know you’re probably used to having them come all the way in your hand…teehee!…but what are you gonna do? This is the trend, and it fits your body better.

Also, your double-breasted blazer with a pair of dark denim jeans? You’ll look fucking suave!

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Aviation-Inspired Watch

Aviation-inspired anything looks pretty badass. There’s nothing like a nice pair of Top Gun-style aviator sunglasses, but this kind of watch will be you’re new favorite accessory. The only issue is that these puppies are usually pretty expensive. Leather strap, water resistance and stainless steel will typically do that to you. If you feel like splurging, though, it’ll give you that added touch that’ll help strip away that bro-y Wall Street guy most ladies are tired of seeing.

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Hipster Glasses

If there’s one thing that’s worth staring at the sun long enough to actually need glasses, it’s these. Don’t be that asshole who poked the lenses out of his frames. While perfect for any hipster douchebag wearing a T-shirt with a hipster cat face on it, glasses like the wayfarer and clubmaster designs will class you up. Think of them as your Clark Kent specs — put them on and no one will know that you secretly love your sweatpants more than you can possibly express.

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Swanky Umbrella

True story, these umbrellas are super fun to wield around when you’re drunk; it all of a sudden makes you want to scream, “I am a Jedi,” and accidentally poke pedestrians in the eyes as you wield it like a lightsaber. (This may or may not have happened to me.) But in all seriousness, these umbrellas are not the kind that’ll crumble at the first sign of a breeze. The right one will stick with you until the bitter end, and you can twirl it around while walking down the street like a boss.

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Track Jacket or Bomber

This kid is always breaking the law when we first meet him in the movie, so he’s always on the run. He needs to look cool while taking a hit or running from the po’ po’. The track jacket has always been your best friend, but Egerton is spicing it up with bold patterns that may look like some ridiculous attempt to get in with the in crowd. The end result, though, is worth the risk of looking like a jackass.

But since it’s so friggin’ cold out right now, you might want to switch to a bomber jacket. They’ll keep you warmer, and they’re a massive trend. (You have Yeezus to thank for that.) Take a hint from your girlfriend: black is slimming.

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The Head Cover

Need something to cap off your look? Grab a cap! But not just any old one. If you’ve picked a bolder jacket, keep your hat simple (i.e. a solid color with minimal flash), otherwise you’ll look like a circus clown exploded all over you. The folks at New Era Cap recently released a new line of sports-inspired snapbacks that look fresh. And they’re made out of heavier materials for the colder weather.

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