CES 2018: $6,000 Toilet That Warms Your Seat And Plays Music Is The Dream Throne Society Needs

kohler numi toilet


From cars to phones to computers to the way we communicate have all enjoyed major technological advancements through the years. But the basic flush toilet that you use today is pretty much the same toilet that your great grandpa used. With a product where we use daily and spend so much time on you would surmise that there would be a more concerted effort to make the boring old bowl into something more technologically advanced and user-friendly. Finally, in the year 2018, we have an avant-garde throne that is designed for the modern-day man.

Kohler showcased their latest model of the Numi at CES 2018, which they classify as an “intelligent toilet.” This state-of-the-art loo boasts a bevy of comforting features that will have you asking, “Why doesn’t my crapper do all of these magical tasks?!?!” The latest model of Kohler’s intelligent toilet and bidet features a heated seat, speakers with wireless streaming capability, Bluetooth capabilities, warm-air dryer, warm-water cleansing, a stainless steel wand with UV sanitization, automatic flush, handsfree opening-closing lid, automatic deodorization, touch-screen remote, foot warmer, nightlight, ambient lighting, and adjustable water temperature, pressure, and spray.


Kohler’s PureWarmth toilet seat ensures that you never sit on an ice-cold toilet seat ever again. Plus the amazing one-of-a-kind toilet offers Touchless Flush technology, where you can flush via the motion sensor. Never touching a bacteria-infested toilet handle is a nice bonus for germaphobes. You can even flush the John through voice commands because the toilet can be controlled with several intelligent personal assistants. You can program and fine-tune your favorite pooping settings on the toilet’s designated smartphone app and then ask Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri to engage them. If you’re taking a late-night pee the toilet lights up and automatically lifts the lid. Added bonus, how many arguments between husbands and wives will this nip in the bud because the seat will automatically close when you leave? Why don’t I have this techy toilet yet?!?!

The brand new Numi toilet will be available this fall, but it comes at a price. Kohler’s Numi intelligent toilet will cost around $6,300. For a product that would make 20 minutes of your life a pleasure every single day, this seems like a no-brainer. See all of the incredible new tech from the 2018 Consumer Electronic Show HERE.