Every Man Should Journal And These Leather-Bound Books Are A Good Way To Kick Off The Habit

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Many men believe journaling is for chicks. Tell a man he should journal and his first thought is his little sister writing in a pink diary with an easily breakable lock. Those men are morons.

There are many reasons to jot down thoughts, ideas and personal issuesin a pocket notebook, bound journal or even in one of those old marble composition books. You’re going to forget a lot of life’s little moments and details. These books will come in handy when life gets a little hazy.

If you’re going to starting keeping written notes on life, today is a good day to start. There’s a sale on Rustic Town leather journals on Amazon that’s tough to pass up. Rustic Town is a small team of energetic souls passionate about handcrafted leather products and accessories.

Here are just a couple leather journal options.

journals for sale

1. Medium vintage leather kournal with tie closing
2. Leather refillable journal with strap closing
3. Handpainted small notebook

Even if you think you’ve got nothing to say or claim “writer’s block” (here’s why that’s a bullshit excuse), writing just a few bullet points about your day is good mental exercise. If none of these look like the book that deserves your life story, check out all the other options on sale today, and get writing tomorrow.

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