Why A Leatherman Is The Ultimate EDC Stocking Stuffer – Options Under $50

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Hear me out: Stocking stuffers deserve more respect. Often overshadowed by the flash of what’s under the tree, stocking stuffers don’t get the love that they deserve around the holidays.

I’m a big stocking stuffer guy, from a big stocking stuffer family. We go wild filling our stockings up with all sorts of trinkets and dry goods purchased over the holidays, from the extremely practical (think deodorant, shaving cream, and body wash) to the completely unnecessary or seldom used, yet wildly thoughtful. One year, for example, I received a kitchen gadget for depitting cherries. Another, a garden gnome from my cousin who saw it on sale at the dollar store, despite living in 500-square foot NYC apartment at the time.

I still deeply cherish that garden gnome dearly to this very day.

I’ve also given – and received – my fair share of everyday carry items as stocking stuffers, including flashlights, work gloves, and, one year, a wallet.

If you’re into everyday carry, nothing comes close to the thoughtfulness of a Leatherman, whether you consider yourself a handyman or not.

It’s the GOAT stocking stuffer for someone who likes to get their hands dirty.

Thoughtfully designed and crafted in the United States since 1983, Leatherman is so much more than a pocket knife on a pair of pliers. It’s the ultimate multi-tool, engineered to help you “problem-solve on the fly.” The uses are nearly infinite, whether you’re an outdoor sportsmen heading into the backcountry or simply in need of an everyday carry tool to stash for “what if?” emergencies, like pulling out a splinter with a pair of tweezers.

Leatherman puts their money where their mouth is with a 25-year warranty for each tool, too, with some incredible testimonies out there for their customer service.

There are Leatherman multi-tools of all shapes and sizes, from the best-selling FREE P4 and its magnetic locking system to something more practically, tactical, and stocking stuffer friendly, like the Skeletool multi-tool, available in multiple colors, now under $50.

Below, a handful of our favorite Leatherman multi-tools for consideration this holiday season.



$64.95 $47.95 – BUY HERE



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$59.95 – BUY HERE


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