lululemon Introduces Hike Collection – Clothes Specially Made For Outdoor Adventures

lululemon is on a roll with innovation this year.

Back in April, the activewear behemoth rolled out the lululemon golf collection – a collection of pants, shorts, and polos made with high-stretch fabric and ventilation to keep you cool and comfortable on the back 9.

Now they’re moving deeper into the outdoor niche, launching lululemon hike – clothes specially designed for outdoor adventures, in all kinds of elements.

Hiking in lululemon isn’t exactly a new thing; People have been hiking in lululemon activewear for quite some time now. This new collection, however, marks the brand’s very first dedicated line for treks and day hikes.

The lululemon Hike Collection features 33-pieces of gear for men and women, including shorts, jackets, vests, shirts, pants, and backpacks. All are designed for a variety of conditions. They’re breathable, easy to pack, and designed to be convertible, ready to take on whatever conditions you encounter out there.

They also feature ample pockets – many with zippers- all ready to stash snacks, keys, and other nessecities for the trail.

The state goal here is threads that have a sort of symbiosis with nature – they’re not designed to fight or stick out in the natural world. They’re simply designed to adapt to your surroundings. In a lookbook, lululemon states a core belief in “the physical and mental benefits we gain from breathing in, outside.”

Hence the collection’s subtle, down-to-earth color tones with occasional splashes of psychedelia. Some notable items from the collection:

Being comfortable on a walk in the woods doesn’t have to be a whole fuss. Nor do you have to look like you’re ready to summit Everest for an afternoon on a down-and-back trail.

As always with lululemon, it’s comfort uber alles: lululemon’s hike collection is designed to stretch, with a streamlined fit.

Check out the full lululemon hike collection here.




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