Machete Spatula Will Up Your Grill Game And Probably Keep Other Bros Away From Your Flames

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The urge to fire up the grill and cook some meat is equal to the urge of wanting to take over grill duties from another man? Ever notice that? Fire up the burners and the men start hovering, looking for any reason to take over. “You go ahead and run for beers, I’ll take it from here.”

If you don’t have the balls to say “back of my burners, bitches” maybe a weapon disguised as a grill tool is necessary.

Machete Spatula

Increase your cooking potential as a barbecue chef of the grill with this Machete Spatula with bottle opener. It will never disappoint you and will last an era of barbecue fun in the sun. Will also ensure your grill food output is nothing less than perfection. Meat, fish, pancakes, eggs or any other grill-worthy food – the Machete Spatula can handle any grilling job.

A soft grip wood handle and a lightweight build makes the Machete Spatula super easy to use. Made of stainless steel, this spatula will last forever with due care. Includes a bottle opener edge so that a drink is never even a step away and the barbecue is fun 100% of the time.


Machete Spatula 2

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