Man Selling His 2001 Ford Escape On Craigslist Uses Unconventional Sales Technique Of Calling It A ‘Piece Of Shit’

If you were trying to sell a yellow, 2001 Ford Escape on Craigslist how would you go about doing it? With false information about how spectacular the vehicle is and all the great times you and your awful family had in the car, or would you knock it down a few pegs, calling it the load of jizz it is, in order to get someone to look at the ad, because God knows no one in their right mind would intentionally click on an ad selling a yellow, 2001 Ford Escape with 119K miles on it? I mean, it’s not like it’s a 2001 yellow Nissan X-Terra for Chirst’s sakes.

This guy from Binghamton, NY chose to use the latter method, even called the Ford Escape a “piece of shit” right in the headline. Presumably, to avoid any and all confusion about the kind of automobile a prospective buyer would be getting.

The greatness of the add doesn’t stop there. He managed to shit on the car a little more in the section of required (guessing) information.

Condition: Ford-ish.

The final burn is the hottest of them all.