The ONLY Monthly Box Worth Checking Out: Carnivore Club, Cured Meats For Meat Lovers

Raise your hand if you could happily spend the rest of your life without eating another green vegetable (**raises own hand***). Currently, in my fridge I’ve got only ONE package of cured, artisanal meats (prosciutto and capicola). I’d like to have many more options in my fridge but 1) Whole Foods is the best place in town for me to make these purchase and 2) Whole Foods is like 15 miles from my house and I’m lazy. Enter the ‘Carnivore Club’, the answer to all my cured and artisanal-related meat problems.

Carnivore Club ($45) is a monthly box/club that will send you the best, most delicious and decadent cured meats on the market AND it’s on sale right now. For a limited time the first month is $45 instead of $70, which at $45 it’s basically like purchasing two packages of expensive cured meats, only you’re getting a shit ton more, and in addition to the first month being just $45 if you hop on this deal you’ll also get a $15 credit towards month 2, if you find that you want to keep it going. Let’s check it out:

Monthly subscriptions are a dime a dozen these days, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find one perfect for your favorite meat-loving friend or relative. Well, look no further. Carnivore Club delivers an impressive faux-wood box filled with four to six handcrafted cured meats every month. Themed around one specific producer like French Charcuterie or Italian Salumi, the box will pack delicacies from a variety of artisans. No two meats will be alike, and each one promises to be an unforgettable edible adventure.

— Includes a single month’s subscription, no commitment necessary & $15 of future credit
— Delivers an impressive faux-wood box filled w/ 4-6 cured meats
— Features a unique theme around one specialized producer: i.e. French Charcuterie, Italian Salumi, — Spanish Chorizo, South African Biltong, Artisanal Jerky, etc.
— Made w/ ethically treated animals from, employs humane slaughtering practices & uses locally sourced ingredients

Get Your Carnivore Club Box Today: $45

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